Christening The Ship

Post construction / Remodel Cleaning

This clean is where we bring out the shop vacs, scrapers, and paint thinner. Dust removal from inside cabinets and drawers, walls, floors, light fixtures, etc., peel plastic and tape from new appliances, scrape paint from windows, and other surfaces. Everything gets wiped clean, polished, swept, mopped, etc. DOES NOT include the removal of trash and debris. All construction debris should be removed prior to clean. The home will be ready for an Open House when we are done. Make us your final step before pictures, wine, and hors d’oeuvres.

All Areas

checkmarkHigh/Low dusting (cobwebs, vents, baseboards, ceiling fans, light fixtures)

checkmark Clean walls (dust, smudges, scuff marks, dirt)

checkmarkHand wipe trim (baseboards, window frames, doors, and door frames)

checkmarkHand wipe fixtures (lights, light switches, outlets)
Clean windows (stickers, paint specks, track, sill, ledges)

checkmarkHand wipe woodwork (handrails, mantels, etc.)


checkmark Cabinets, closets, drawers, and shelves (top, inside and out)

checkmark Appliances cleaned and shined (inside and out, all tape, residue, and plastic removed)

checkmark Floors (paint removal, grout/haze removal, sweep, vacuum, mop)

checkmark Trash removed

Paper Boat

Time to wave the orange flag

You can’t do it all. Hire Anchor Services to do the cleaning for you and sit back and relax!