About Anchor Services

Owner of Anchor Services and family

We are a Christian family-owned cleaning service that started out of a post on Facebook, a half-filled bucket of cleaning supplies pulled from under the kitchen sink, and a pack of terry cloth towels purchased from Sam’s Club. That was in 2009!

What started out as a simple desire to provide high-quality services to a small handful of clients quickly became a mission to change the “acceptable standard” in the cleaning industry.

About The Owner

Tami Sellers began as a single-mom operation in 2009. After being in the professional cleaning industry for 3+ years, she was fed up with the lack of care for the employees and clients by the services she worked for. After her mom suggested she start her own business, she made a post on social media and had 3 clients booked that first week.

For 5 years, she cleaned one house a day while homeschooling her 3 boys. In 2014, she started needing help to keep up with the influx of requests! In 2015, she got serious and started learning how to run a business. By 2016, she had a full-fledged cleaning service!

Tami Sellers Owner

Who We Are

We are a local, family-owned, independent, professional cleaning service, based in McDonough, GA.


What We Believe

We believe that cleaning should be a personal and pleasurable experience. We believe in excellence and diligence. We believe in going the extra mile. We believe that pets and kids are our friends, not nuisances that need to be put up out of our way.

What We Do

We provide five-star cleaning services to Henry, Fayette and surrounding areas. We specialize in move-in/outs, and deep cleans as well as provide recurring services on a weekly, bi-weekly or 4-week basis!

Paper Boat

Time to wave the orange flag

You can’t do it all. Hire Anchor Services to do the cleaning for you and sit back and relax!