Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

Checks, Cash, Credit/Debit, Apple Pay, Cash App, Venmo  or PayPal. Credit/Debit are preferred.

If I sign up for recurring services, am I locked into a contract?

No. We do “Service Agreements”. That just means we agree to do, or not do, the whole house or certain rooms at the frequency and price we agreed upon. You are free to terminate services at any time!

Can I get a quote/book online?

You can request a quote online using one of the buttons on the home page for either residential or commercial.

Can I get same-day service?

Sometimes you can! More often than not our schedule is full a few weeks out, but we may have a spot open for a maintenance clean or a quick clean!

Can I trust whoever comes into my home?

All our cleaners are background checked, bonded and insured! We also make sure they are friendly, enjoy animals being underfoot and know how to field questions from curious 3 year olds!

Do I have to leave while you clean?

Absolutely not! We LOVE our clients. For us, it is all about the relationship we have with you. While it does make the clean go faster, it is whatever you are comfortable with. We will never demand that you leave your own home.

Do I need to give you a key?

We prefer to have a way to get in, whether that is by key, unlocked door or garage code. The choice is yours. Your information and keys are safe with us.

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

Only if we drive to your house, can’t get in AND you choose to skip instead of reschedule for the following day.

What if I'm not happy with my clean and want a refund?

100% Happy Client Guarantee-We want you to be absolutely delighted with us! Our 100% Happy Client Guarantee ensures that.

Should you be unhappy with any part of your clean, or we missed an area completely, contact our office at 678-883-0810 or info@anchorservicesgroup.com within 24 hours after the service. We will return and re-clean the area(s) of concern at no cost to you!

Can I add a tip?

Tips are always appreciated, never expected. If you would like to treat your hard-working cleaning staff to a tip, leaving cash is the most convenient for all.

If you would like to add a tip to your credit card transaction, you may do so by sending a text to the office with the amount that you wish to tip your team! If we have already run your card, it will come through as a separate charge.

Will I get the same team each cleaning?

Our scheduling coordinator will do her best to assign the same team each clean. This is not ALWAYS possible due to cleaner illness/family obligations.

Typically, we will have 3-4 people familiar with your home, so that at each visit, there is someone who is familiar with your home and your needs.

We train each team the same, and each team leader has access to specific needs to your home. If your preferred cleaner or team is not available, our goal is for the result of your cleaning to be the same.

What cleaning products do you use?

We currently use as many non-toxic and eco-friendly products as possible.

How much does cleaning cost?

Our prices are based on square footage, type of clean desired, and if choosing recurring services, frequency. Frequency is a factor because one week’s worth of gunk and grime is significantly easier to remove than 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, etc.

Do you give discounts for referrals?

Yes! As a small business, we LOVE referrals! For every recurring client you send, we will credit your account with $25! There’s no limit to how many credits you can earn!!

You can use these credits immediately or you can even stack them for a rainy day! (Note: You will receive your credit after your referral’s 4th maintenance clean!)

Why are your prices higher than other companies?

We offer the most thorough, detailed deep cleans and maintenance cleans around. We clean for people who actually care about a clean, disinfected, sanitized home, not the cheapest price.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of our clients, and improve the lives of our employees, not to make a quick buck.

We bring shop vacs, headlamps for the deep cleans, and all the special tools to reach things like 2 story ceilings, high interior windows, and ceiling fans! We bring all of our own supplies and equipment. You don’t need to do anything except provide a way for us to get in!

We believe strongly in our quality, and our rates support the impeccable attention to detail involved in our cleans and the overall customer experience!

What happens if I want extra services?

Extra services requested are welcomed, although we do ask that you notify the office prior to your scheduled service so we can allot the necessary time for these services AND you can approve of the extra cost.

How do you handle pets?

You don’t have to put your pup in a crate or lock your cat in a room just so we can clean. We LOVE animals.

Our crews carry cat and dog treats with them and will love on your furbabies as if they are their very own! Most pets think we are there to play with them… we don’t tell them any different. 😉

We prefer to play with your babies but if they would prefer to take off a hand rather than shake it, please put up any pets that are not guest friendly.

Do you deal with pet messes?

We know that pets have accidents and/or get sick occasionally. However, Animal/Pet messes are the client’s responsibility unless specifically requested and there are extra charges for this service. Cost is $20.00 per mess.

NOTE: We love that your pets are family and may have full reign of your home! However, please understand that we are not responsible for hair shedding and/or messes your pet may make in a room AFTER the cleaner has completed an area and moved on.